Chuck End Carbon Steel

Bolt Size Price Box/Case Quantity Thread Depth Hole Depth in Concrete Outside Diameter Ult. Pullout Lbs.* Ult. Shear Lbs.
1/4 X 100/1200 3/8 1-3/32 7/16 2,713 2,103
5/16 X 100/1200 15/32 1-5/16 15/32 2,990 3,030
3/8 X 50/400 9/16 1-17/32 9/16 4,200 4,550
1/2 X 50/800 13/16 2-1/32 11/16 7,350 6,800
5/8 X 25/200 15/16 2-15/32 27/32 10,250 9,900
3/4 X 20/160 1-7/32 3-1/4 1 13,950 12,350

Remember, anchor drills its own hold.
Note: Not recommended for use in lightweight masonry material such as block or brick.

Accurate hold diameter and depth are assured with the Self-Drilling Anchor, because the anchor provides its own case hardened steel drill for every hole. This means a dependable, powerful holding capacity. Expands by driving anchor over the plug. Self-drilling anchors. Are especially useful for overhead application and where shock and vibration resistant anchoring is desired.
*Ultimate load capacity in 4713 PSI ¾ inch crushed limestone aggregate concrete. Capacities are for carbon steel versions only. Based on independent testing Laboratory tests. Safe working loads for single installations under static loading should not exceed 24% of the ultimate load capacity.


  1. Using anchor as the drill bit, drill hole until chuck holder is flush with surface of concrete. Remove anchor and clean out hold.
  2. Insert plug in anchor. Expand anchor by reinserting it into hold and driving it in until chuch holder is flush with the surface of the concrete. Snap off cone.
  3. Bolt the object to complete the installation.
Packed as Noted.
All Zinc Plted.

This product to be discontinued-current inventory levels will not be replenished once depleted.
Please use caution when quoting. This product will not appear in the next issue of our catalog.