USS (Coarse) Thread Zinc Plated

USS (Coarse) Thread
Zinc Plated List Price per 100 Pieces.
Threaded Rods
Zinc Plated Steel


Length Diameters
6/32 8/32 10/24 10/32 1/4-20 5/16-18 3/8-16 7/16-14 1/2-13 5/8-11 3/4-10 7/8-9 1-8 1-1/8-7 1-1/4-7 1-1/2-6
36 X X X X X X X X X X X X
72 X X X X X X X X X X X

Acoustical Lag Screws

Zinc Plated Steel

Flat End,
Pierced Holes
Zinc Plated

List Price per 100 Pieces.

Lag Screw
Size Price Per 100 Box/Case Quantity
1/4 x 3 X 100/800
Speed Driver
Price/Each Quantity
X 1

Description/Application: Acoustical Lag Screws feature flattened ends and pierced holes. They are most commonly used for suspended ceiling systems. For ease of installation, speed drivers are available and will fit standard ¼” drill.


Green Grounding Screws


List Price Per 100 Pieces.

Size Box/Case Quantity Price
10/32 x 3/8 100/8000 X
Packed as Noted.


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