Self-Drilling Wallboard Anchor

Quantity 100-900 1m-2400 2500-4900 5m
Price X X X X

Self Drilling… One Piece anchor. For mounting to Gypsum wall board.
Fast… No pre-drilling or hole preparation. Saves time and money.
Easy… Installs easily with #2 Philips screwdriver… no electric drill or other tools necessary.
Removable… Can be easily backed out.
Secure… Deep threads provide strong engagement in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ wallboard.TMRegistred Trademark of ITW builder
Each kit contains:

Metal Anchors

Sheet Metal Screws

Masonry Drill Bit

1-9 20.00
10-24 18.00
25-49 16.50
50- 15.76

Private label available on orders of 25 kits or more only.

Quantity 100-900 1m-2400 2500-4900 5m
Price X X X X

Neat… Unique tri-cut point self drills a clean small hole

Corrosion Resistant… Made of logn lasting zinc material.

Breakaway Point… Point can be broken off if cabity behind wallboard is too shallow.

E-Z Anchor is easy and fast to install

  1. Place #2 Phillips screwdriver into recess of E-Z Anchor.
  2. Press into wallboard, while turning the anchor closkwise until it is seated flush with the wall.
  3. Place fixture in position over installed E-Z Anchor. Insert screw with #2 Phillips screwdriver. (#8 screw, type A or AB recommended).
  4. Tighten threads of screw securely into the anchor. Do not over tighten. (A minimum of 1″ thread engagement is recommended.)

Wood Screw Anchors
Light Masonry Anchor
List Price per 100 Pieces.


Screw Size and Length of Anchor Price Box/Case Quantity Drill Size Screw Size and Length of Anchor Price Box/Case Quantity Drill Size
6-8 x 3/4 X 100/3600 1/4 10-14 x 1 X 100/2400 5/16
6-8 x 1 X 100/2400 1/4 10-14 x 1/2 X 100/1200 3/8
6-8 x 1-1/2 X 100/1800 1/4 16-18 x 1 X 100/1800 3/8
10-14 x 3/4 X 100/2400 5/16 16-18 x 1-1/2 X 50/800 3/8


A wood screw anchor for quick installation of lighter weight fixtures in masonry. Made of lead, it will expand without turning in soft material. Withstands extreme changes in temperatures and is not affected by moisture of chemicals.


  1. Drill hole 1/4 deeper than length of anchor, insert anchor flush with surface of wall.
  2. Insert wood screw through fixture into anchor and tighten. Anchor is expanded and will hold firmly.
  3. For best result screw should protrude 1/4″ through bottom of anchor. Screw length should equal thickness of fixture, plus length of anchor, plus 1/4″.