Tapered-Flanged and No Lip Anchors

Tapered-Flanged and No Lip Anchors
List Price per 100 Pieces.
Plastic Anchor


Screw Size Length of Anchor Price Box/Case Qty. Drill Size
6-8 3/4 X 100/8000 3/16
8-10 7/8 X 100/4800 3/16
10-12 1 X 100/2400 1/4
14-16 1-3/8 X 50/1800 5/16


Plastic anchors are designed to be used with either wood screws or sheet metal screws. This economical anchor is recommended for quick, ease fastening of fixtures in a variety of light duty applications from wallboard to concrete. The flange makes this versatile anchor easy to install in hollow walls. Plastic anchor kits are available for sale to contractors or for the home workshop.


  1. Drill hole ¼” deeper than length of anchor. Insert anchor flush with surface of wall.
  2. Insert wood or sheet metal screws through fixture into plastic anchor and tighten.
  3. Plastic anchor expanded and will hold firmly. For best results, screw should protrude ¼” thru bottom of anchor.

Screw length should equal thickness of fixture, plus length of anchor, plus ¼”.

Hammer Drive Anchors

Zinc Alloy Body

Zinc Plated Steel Pin,
Die Cast

List Price per 100 Pieces.

Size Price Box/Case Quantity Drill Size Work Thickness Min. Embedment Ult. Pullout Lbs. Ult. Shear Lbs.
3/16 x 7/8 X 100/2400 3/16 0-1/8 3/4 1124 1560
1/4 x 3/4 X 100/1800 1/4 0-1/8 3/4 984 1560
1/4 x 1 X 100/1200 1/4 1/8-1/4 7/8 1050 1560
1/4 x 1-1/4 X 100/1200 1/4 1/4-1/2 1 1/8 1200 1560
1/4 x 1-1/2 X 100/800 1/4 1/2-3/4 1 3/8 1470 1560
1/4 x 2 X 100/800 1/4 3/4-1-1/4 1 7/8 1470 1560


Hammer drive anchors are medium duty anchors which can be used in concrete, block, brick and stone. They are furnished completely assembled, and can be quickly hammered into place, allowing for fast on-the-job installation. The singled head nail-like expander pin provides a permanent tamper-proof installation.

Meets or exceeds GSA specifications FFS-325 Group TY2 CP3

  1. Drill hole to any depth, deep enough to permit full insertion of drive pin.
  2. Insert anchor through fixture into drilled hole. Drive the pin home with hammer blows.
  3. The bottom of the shield expands, exerting a powerful gripping pressure against sides of the hole. Fixture is secure.

*The test value listed above were obtained using 3700 PSI Concrete (no aggregate) a saft working load should not exceed 25% of the stated values.


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