Grade 2-Low Carbon USS (Coarse) Thread Plain

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Grade 2-Low Carbon USS (Coarse) Thread Plain
Long Lengths and Large Diameters List Price per 100 pieces.
Hex Bolts
Plain Steel


Length Diameters
3/8-16 1/2-13 5/8-11 3/4-10 7/8-9 1-8 1-1/8-7 1-1/4-7 1-1/2-6
3 X X X
3-1/2 X X X
4 X X X
4-1/2 X X X
5 X X X
5-1/2 X X X
6 X X X
7 X X X
8 X X X
9 X X X X X X X X
10 X X X X X X X X X
11 X X X X X
12 X X X X X X
14 X X X X
16 X X X X
18 X X


Sold By The Piece.

All Items Plain Finish.
Packed As Noted.

These items are available in bulk pack only, lead time basis. plise contact your distribution center for prices and delivery.


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